The D’Ornellas Ride Leaders are a group of carefully chosen seasoned cyclists that have experienced many ride conditions. They have ridden, helped design, and change routes as required based on safety and rider enjoyment. At the beginning of every season, we lead an extensive training program both on the road and during indoor training sessions. A new Ride Leader will work with an experienced club leader, gaining valuable experience before they are qualified to lead a group.

You can count on having a great experience by joining rides led by this group!

  • Eon D’Ornellas

    I am the owner of D’Ornellas Bike Shop and the founder of D’Ornellas Cycling club, which was established over 25 years ago to promote the sport of road cycling and bicycle racing. My passion for cycling began at the early age of 14. I was inspired by great coaches and honed my skills through my years of competitive racing at the national and international levels. I was a member of the Canadian Olympic team, Commonwealth and Pan am Teams Racing Champion in Canada. I have an unwavering commitment to impart the knowledge and love for the sport that I’ve acquired over the past 40 years to road cyclist at all levels. I ride a Louis Garneau Gennix RS1
  • Peter Dais

    Since purchasing a bike from Eon a few years back and accepting his invitation to try an “easy Friday morning ride,” I was somewhat confused as to how these people that didn’t look like pros, were able to climb with very little effort? There were many days when Eon helped me up the grades and never stopped encouraging me.

    After several years of riding and learning from Eon, Ken, Mitch and Bonnie, I feel confident to be able to help others experience the same passion fellow club leaders shared with me.

    My highlights are being able to participate in the Ride to Conquer Cancer three times, the first Grand Fondo in PEI in 2013, the Centurion twice and by far spending 10 days in a row on the roads of Mallorca with a great bunch of riders from the club.

    I am proud of the fact that at DCC, there is always someone around to give a new member some encouragement and useful advice!
  • Ken Deering

    I joined the club in 1997 and immediately got dropped on the train overpass on Birchmount! I had been riding since I was a kid. (I did consider joining a local cycling club in my teens, but decided that they rode “too far” and “the kiss of death”, the clothing looked goofy. My, how some things don’t change). My first ‘long’ ride was the MS150 in 1983, 75K per day over a weekend. My uncle had MS. I did it for over 25 years. A great ride was one with a better than 20Kph average! Even after riding for “ever”, it turned out I didn’t know everything about riding a bike. I knew practically nothing. I learned everything I know about group riding from Eon and the many others in the club he’s mentored over the years. I was an OK C-level rider until I went to Europe in 2001 and followed “Le Tour” with Steve Bauer. I came back changed and the next year started to learn all about how to get better and faster I spent a few years racing in my late forties/fifties, but I never amounted to anything. But I did learn how to handle myself in a group. I’ve had five or six crashes take down the riders in front of me while racing, but fortunately managed to stay “mostly upright” and unscathed for all of them. A highlight was racing with Eon and others in Detroit and having him “behind” me for the final lead-out. I faded in the sprint, but our team finished in the money! I’m an all round B-level rider, but I usually spend the spring with new riders in the Skills or C groups, giving back to the sport. I still dislike hills, but try to keep it to myself. My ride is “Candy”, a 2014 S-Works Roubaix in CandyApple Red with Roval Star wheels. She stands out in a crowd.
  • Brian Brill

    I have been a member of the D'Ornellas Cycling Club for about 25 years. I served as treasurer/membership secretary for 6 or 7 years and also did a newsletter during that time, by mail, before the internet was invented. I entered my first race in 1974 when I was 17 and moved through the ranks to Senior 1/2, sharing many start lines with both Eon and Mark Berger. My racing highlights would include an Ontario Championship in the Team Pursuit in 1979, as well as once finishing 10th in a race in the US where a young Greg Lemond was 4th. I also did a few provincial and national team projects as the mechanic for the cycling team in the 1980's. I got to know Eon well as I used to build all of his wheels. I usually ride with the Espresso group. Look for me on a black Scott CR1 Pro. Brian, is a member of the Ride Leader training committee.
  • Carol Ann Jessiman

    I joined D’Ornellas in 1997 after meeting Lawrence Levin and Jim Matheson on a Mayfair Fitness Club ride. At that time, I had already been riding with a woman-only racing team and competing in the amateur circuit since 1989. Though I never won any races, it was with these ladies and our coach that I learned how to draft and ride safely in a tight group. And that is also where my interest in teaching cycling skills really got started, as our club hosted several Learn to Ride clinics for new racers. Over the years I have ridden several charity rides and tours including Rideau Lakes, Ride for Heart, MS Bike Tour, Ride to Conquer Cancer and Ride for Karen. Today I ride for fun and fitness and to contribute back where I can with new riders. I’m still riding and loving my Giant TCR Zero which I purchased from Eon over 10 years ago.
  • Howard Lerner

    I joined D’Ornellas Cycling Club in 1996. I have been road cycling seriously for 20 years. My father taught me to ride when I was a toddler and I continued riding as a young kid until I got my driving license. I have ridden Barrie to Baycrest a great number of times as well as Ride to Conquer Cancer and Ride for Heart many times. I’ve cycled for many year in Europe and Southern California. I enjoy all the B rides with DCC. And my favourite of the 5 bikes that I own is a Roubaix SL4
  • Steve Eng

    Steve has been a cyclist for over 30 years, a D’Ornellas member since 1998,

    “At the beginning, everything I learned about cycling was from experienced riders until I met Eon. It was through his tutelage, watching him in live races and being an active member of D’Ornellas Racing Team club that I honed my skills.

    I have done Centurion Blue Mountain and Horseshoe Valley events. Club road race, & criterium race. I also did Delray Beach Grand Fondo in Florida and Epic Tour Fondo in Ontario, as well as many Scugog Century rides.

    I enjoy riding in B-espresso, B-relaxo, and sometimes A-race.

    I ride a Lynskey Helix Titanium and a Marinoni Steel bike”.

    These days, Steve enjoys helping new riders to develop and become better riders, and is part of the Ride Leader training committee.
  • Fiona Moyer

    I joined the D’ornellas Cycling Club in 2011/12 and have been riding since about 2002, off and on. I became more serious about riding when I joined the Club.

    I was a runner, Triathlete and finished that chapter of my life with Ironman Lake Placid. My body couldn’t take much more, so I turned to cycling. Eon Dornellas and Mark Berger taught me how to ‘properly’ ride. My charity rides include the Ride for Cancer, twice, and the Ride for Jack, 4-5 times.

    I am a B Relaxo rider, but hope to push harder this year to join the B Progresso and maybe one day, B Expresso. Any distance of a ride is euphoric - fresh air, sun (hopefully) and the freedom I feel - you can’t beat it!

    I currently ride a Specialized Amira Carbon DI2 - ‘Batman’
  • Mark Berger

    Mark has been a fixture in Canadian cycling for years. He has held national and world titles in cycling and has been to the Pan Am games, the Commonwealth games, and the Olympics.

    Mark brings a wealth of cycling experience to D’Ornellas Cycling Club. He also provides private and group coaching through his company, Berger Cyclefit Coaching. Mark received his MSc in Exercise Physiology in 1985 to augment his racing background in cycling and was the Provincial Cycling Coach from 1987 – 1991.

    He has been cycling for over 35 years now and is passionate about the sport.
  • Tony Gulotta

    I started riding seriously in 2011 after 25+ years of the sedentary lifestyle. I used to golf a lot and it showed. Sometime in 2010, I got on a bike and couldn’t get past 2 miles. That was the catalyst that started the love affair with cycling. It was a long, lonely slog the first year but a change in diet and the exercise cycling gave me resulted in 70 pounds coming off and things were looking up.

    In 2013 Howard Lerner introduced me to the club where I found a warm welcome and great coaching from our leader Eon and so many other experienced riders like Howard, now friends. Eon and D’Ornellas cyclists taught me how to ride properly and safely.

    I’ve done many charity and long rides with the club and it’s members. I now lead the Tuesday and Thursday Twilight rides after work, which is a B Espresso ride...a great 54km workout. I like to give back to the club by riding with new riders/members when I can/asked to. It’s very satisfying to witness how well they do and how quickly they progress.

    I own a few bikes but my main ride is a Colnago C59. I am very grateful for the extent to which Cycling has improved my life.
  • Kerry Deering

    I have been cycling with D’Ornellas Club since 1997, in those days there was just one group, fast.
    When I first started I would often get dropped going up Birchmount. Gradually I would be able to hang on longer and longer.
    Eon taught me how to ride in a group and how to push myself beyond my comfort level in order to get stronger.

    I have participated in the MS150 Charity ride for over 20 years as well as the Ride for Heart many times. I’m fortunate to be married to Ken who loves the sport as much as I do, so we enjoy spending time cycling together.

    We have travelled to many places and if we’re away longer than a week we take the bikes with us. We often joke, that some people have kids, some people have dogs, we have bikes. We have taken a couple of trips with Steve Bauer Bike Tours, one of which was the Tour de France in 2001, in Lance Armstrong’s heyday, and participated in our first International race in Italy, the Gran Fondo Nove Colli 2008, we have travelled with Eon to Spain in 2007, as well as Portugal and Italy with others from the club. I’ve climbed to the 7000ft elevation on Mt. Haleakela, Hawaii from sea level 3 times now and beat my previous duration each time.

    I ride an S-Works Carbon DI2 bike. I am a B Relaxo rider but also enjoy helping the new people at the C level.
  • Kenny Johnston

    I have been a member of D’Ornellas Cycling Club since 2012. I learned how to ride from Eon and other leaders.

    I’ve participated in various triathlon’s – 70.3 and Full Iron Man.

    I have been a Series Winner in my age group for both Subaru and Multi Sport Duathlon 2013.

    Garneau Tri bike is my ride.
  • Ian Hill

    I have been riding with the club since 2001. Eon D’Ornellas taught me to ride properly and I have done many charity rides (United Way in Oshawa,Ride For Karen).

    I enjoy any of the B group rides. I am presently riding a Specialized Venge Expert which I really enjoy. I also enjoy arranging Club rides out my way in Durham Region, that may or may not include baked goods.
  • Bonnie Grundman

    I joined D’Ornellas Cycling Club in 1998. I have been riding for 17 years. Eon D’Ornellas taught me to ride.

    I have been racing Triathlon for over 15 years. I have completed 15 Ironman 5 of them being the Hawaiian Ironamn World Championships where I finished as high as 8th in the world. I have completed more than 50 Half Ironman 6 of them being the World Champioships where I have finished as high as 10th in the world. I have competed in the Collingwood Centurion C100,C50,C25 where I have won 1st overall woman, and first in my age group. I have also done some road racing where I placed 3rd in the Provincial Time Trail and Road Race for Master Woman and 4th in the National Time Trial for Master Woman. I have also participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, and The Ride for Jack and most of the DCC club charity rides along with the DCC European Riding Trips.

    I love riding and participating in all levels of riding from A rides to C rides. Because I ride a minimum 3 times/week I prefer to vary the intensity. My true passion is to be challenged in the B espresso rides.

    I have a Garneau Tri Bike
  • Arash Farajian

    Arash has been a member since 2014. During his first season with the club, Arash learned the fundamentals of safe group riding and decided to share that knowledge with other cyclists. After only a few seasons at D’Ornellas Cycling Club, Arash recognized the need to provide more opportunities for new cyclists to ride in a group by leading a mid week ride. The ride over time grow in popularity and became a permanent fixture on the clubs ride menu. Arash’s efforts was recognized at the 2016 Annual Club Banquet where he received the Ride Leader Award of the Year. Arash continues to lead rides with the club and is part of the club's Executive.
  • Harvey Rotstein

    I joined the club around 2000. My first real bicycle was a Pinarello Traviso steel bike that weighed 25 lbs. Before then I rode with a friend for about 3 years. My friend said that real men only use the big chain ring. On my first ride with the club I got dropped on Aurora sideroad while doing 43 kph. That first year, I could possibly keep up with the group doing 24 kph. Hills were a killer.

    When Eon sold me my first Specialized Festina aluminum 19 lb bike, I thought I was now a pro (not quite). Fortunately, Eon, Bonnie, Ken and a lot of others were generous enough to take me under their wing and teach me to “train smart, not hard” as well as a ton of info on how to ride safely in a group, echeloning, endurance etc. etc. With each new bike that I have bought from Eon, my enjoyment and ability has improved.

    After a good season of riding outside plus riding indoors twice a week during the winter where Eon repairs and corrects your riding techniques, I went with a group of club riders to ride the mountains in Italy. Huge wake-up call. The trip got me hooked on the fun and thrill of riding and I came back determined to improve. One of the great things about our club is that no matter what level you are, there are people who will work with you to bring you up to the next level. Any help I have been able to impart onto new members is just me passing along what other members of the club where kind enough to teach me.

    Today, I am a Progresso B rider with a “tiny” competitive side. My new Specialized Tarmac with DI2 is amazing and has definitely improved my riding enjoyment and speed. I do a number of charity rides both here in Toronto and down in Florida. Unfortunately, like many riders, I have had a few “mishaps” but hey have just made me want to be a better rider.
  • Brian Colpart

    I joined the club in 2001.

    I’ve been group riding since joining the club. Before that, I rode for many years on my own for fitness.

    My father taught me how to ride a bike, however Eon and Carol Ann Jessiman taught me how to ride in a group. I’m not really a racer but I have participated in the Italian race the “Nova Colli” on two occasions. This was an amazing experience as over 12000 riders start this race.

    I’m a B Relaxo type rider but will stretch my legs in the B Expresso group on occasion. My bike, a Specialized Tarmac SL4
  • Sandi Kent

    Year you joined the club: 2013

    How long you have been riding? As a kid I rode a bike and commuted to my summer job. There was a long period off the bike until I discovered ‘Spin Classes’ nearly 20 years ago. I taught spin classes for a few years and started riding outdoors about 7 years ago. I rode with a group but it was not group riding.

    Who taught you how to ride? I started on a bike with training wheels and progressed from there. Since joining DCC I attended Mark Berger’s Skills classes and C50/100 training. Friday rides with Eon. Ladies ride with Bonnie and Tracey. Ken, Harvey, Scott, Jeff, Mac and many more who are always helpful.

    Have you raced or done charity rides? My “racing” experience has been in 3 triathalons and the DCC Club Championships (lots of fun!) I have participated in the Blue Mountain C50 for the past 3 years. Charity events include the RTCC, MS Ride, Jack Ride, Ride for Heart, and Ride 4 United Way

    What type of rider do you enjoy today I would say I’m a B relaxo with aspirations of B progresso/espresso and enjoy leading the C group.

    What type of bike do you have? I started on a mountain bike to commute to work and progressed to a Fuji Hybrid and when the cycling bug really caught I got my first road bike 3 years ago—a SCOTT CR1.
  • Jason Smith

    I joined D’Ornellas Cycling Club back in 2015. I had never ridden a road bike and on a whim I thought I would give it a try. After speaking with a club member at the spring bike show, D’Ornellas seemed like a perfect bike club for a new rider. I started with the skills group where Carol Ann and Ken taught me the basics of riding in a group and what is expected of a rider. Ken told me to try a C ride and sit on the back and get a feel for group. After doing that a few times I was comfortable and worked my way through the group rides and was pulling up front. I was hooked. I now ride with the B groups and always try to learn more from the other riders and get as much out of a ride as possible. DCC has made me a better rider and I would love to pass that on to new riders.


All Saturday group rides start from D’Ornellas Bike Shop at Lawrence and Pharmacy.
You must be a registered club member before you can join any D’Ornellas Cycling Club group rides.
So, if you haven’t joined or renewed, now is the time to do so!


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