Eon’s annual Mid Week Classic – Wednesday June 28th

Last year’s event was a great success. (well worth booking a day off!)

“This was on my mind for some time to execute, so it was great to start this event, I chose this ride to take my club through some of the roads that I trained on during my cycling years. There are certain sections of this course where I will talk about the intervals, motor pace, and hill repeats that I used to do and why I choose this area to do my specific training rides.”

from the boss…

I’m leading my 2nd annual Mid-Week Classic Ride, leaving from McCowan and the 401 at 7.30am on Wednesday, June 28th.

This will be a no drop ride – but you must be able to ride at an average speed of 28 km/hr. Here’s the route. 116K with a stop at Annina’s at about 73K:


We are planning to be back at the plaza by 12.30pm- 1 pm. I’m organizing a buffet lunch (at a cost of $15-$20 dollars per rider). The D’Ornellas Bike Shop will cover your first drink.

Hope everyone can make it, please reply by Tuesday, June 27th at noon if you are attending. RSVP to me directly at : eond@me.com

Hope to see you all next week!