D’Ornellas Cycling Club Board 2017

Executive Committee

  • Peter Dais, President
  • Robb Knapper, Vice President
  • David Koo, Treasurer
  • Kerry Deering, Secretary

Members at Large

  • Sandi Kent, Member at Large
  • Tony Gulotta, Member at Large
  • Brian Brill, Member at Large
  • Susan Walker-Knapper, Member at Large
  • Ian Hill, Member at Large
  • Richard Teixeira, Member at Large
  • Arash Farajian, Member at Large

Advisory/Committee Members:

  • Tracey Sullivan, Past President
  • Ken Deering, Markham Giro & Club Championships
  • Lori Ann D’Ornellas, Bike Shop Liaison
  • Mark Berger, Club coach and Indoor training
  • Carol Ann Jessiman, Website & Social Media

Peter Dais – President

A member since 2012, rekindled his passion for cycling as a kid when he would leave the house in the morning and come back into the afternoon, pretty much the same occurs now. Trying to continue the great tradition of the D’Ornellas Cycling Club and bring the clubs great reputation for a safe and friendly club to the forefront. Very excited to represent all the great members and friends starting in 2017! Will try to fulfill most election promises, by the start of outdoor season!

Robb Knapper – Vice President

Robb has been a cycling commuter and cycling enthusiast for the better part of 11 years, all on hybrids. He took up road riding when he was told he should no longer run, and when his life long dream of being professional dancer could not be realized due to his lack of rhythm and coordination. Robb joined D’Ornellas Cycling Club in the summer of 2013, shortly after buying his first road bike, to learn how to ride in a group, closing the gap and not being dropped. Robb works in the public sector with a focus on public safety, specifically road safety. He is looking forward to a full year of cycling both as a commuter and road cyclist.

David Koo – Treasurer

This is David’s first year as treasurer in 2017. He’s a CA and has a successful accounting practice. David relishes the opportunity to give back to the club which has taught him so much and introduced him to a wonderful group of friends and fellow cyclists. David has been a member since 2014 shortly after rediscovering the love of cycling. As a kid, he always enjoyed riding – starting on BMX bikes and constantly searching for jumps, then moving on to mountain biking. Unfortunately, he stopped riding for a number of years until he was coerced into participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, Niagara a few years ago. Training and participating in that ride reignited his passion for the sport and he quickly joined D’Ornellas Cycling Club. Although he’s still learning, the club has taught him many important group riding skills and pushes him to stay fi t and active. He looks forward to seeing you on the road!

Brian Brill

Brian has been a member of the club for well over 20 years and initially served as Treasurer/Membership Secretary. He started racing in 1974 at 16 years old. Brian shared many start lines with both Eon and Mark Berger over the next 10 years. In 1979 he was an Ontario champion in the team pursuit. After a time away from the sport he started racing mountain bikes in the late ‘90’s but quickly came back to the greatest sport ever, the road. Brian no longer races but enjoys a good hard club ride. He hopes to draw on his experience to contribute to the success of the club.

Kerry Deering – Secretary

Kerry Deering has been riding with the club since 1998 and this is her second official time as a member of the executive. Her previous positions were Member at Large and Secretary. Her unofficial stint was as “Co-President”, during her husband, Ken’s time as Club President. Like many others on the board, Kerry started out with an uphill challenge as a cyclist and with the help of Eon D’Ornellas and too many other club members both past and present to mention, has greatly improved her cycling ability. Semi-retired, when not on the bike, Kerry can be found keeping the guys organized in the Bike Shop and loves to get those girls in the Gals rides outfitted to not only look smart but riding smart.

Sandi Barret Kent

By day Sandi in a partner in the Centenary Foot Clinic where she practices as a Chiropodist (foot specialist). Sandi has always been involved in sport and taught Spin classes for several years before she decided to go out on the road. In 2007 she tried her first of two triathlons and in 2010 she completed the RTCC. Sandi joined the DCC skills group 2013 and has been cycling ever since. Meeting and sharing the road with a great group of people to has been the high light. Last year’s the Club Championships, Friday rides with Eon, Sunday rides, C50-C100 and everything in between has only increased her passion for cycling.

Mark Berger – Club Coach

Mark has been a fixture in Canadian cycling for years. He has held national and world titles in cycling and has been to the Pan Am games, the Commonwealth games, and the Olympics. Mark brings a wealth of cycling experience to D’Ornellas Cycling Club. Mark provides private and group coaching through his company, Berger Cyclefit Coaching. Mark received his MSc in Exercise Physiology in 1985 to augment his racing background in cycling and was the Provincial Cycling Coach from 1987 – 1991. He has been cycling for over 35 years now and is passionate about the sport.

Lori-Ann D’Ornellas-Johnston

Lori-Ann has been around cycling her entire life. Weekends as a child were always spent at races cheering on her father and his teammates. Over the last 2 years Lori-Ann has went from the sidelines to the saddle. She is a triathlete, Lori-Ann is the best cheerleader any athlete could ask for. She also created the Girlz Group Rides and other women specific events at the shop to encourage and help women to achieve their goals. This is Lori-Ann first year on the executive as the Club-Shop Liaison.

Tony Gullotta

Tony (or Tony G as we like to call him) took up cycling accidentally in 2011 after 3 decades of couch surfing and trying to be a golfer. Although it didn’t look promising, he stuck with it. In 2013 he joined DCC and received the guidance he sorely needed to be able to call himself a cyclist. Tony is now proficient in staying on the bike and can also lead a ride. Sometimes his rides even stick to the projected route! Tony is now a cycling fanatic…when he isn’t in the saddle he’s either thinking of it or buying another one.

Ian Hill

I came from a Mountain bike back ground which is where I met Eon D’Ornellas through his support at the races. I did a winter or two at the early days of the DFF (indoor training) where I was totally in awe of the Club’s riders. I joined the club around 2001 and worked my way up through the groups. I enjoy leading the Eastern remote rides through Durham Region and being a ride leader with the Espresso and Progresso groups.

Susan Walker-Knapper

Susan took up road cycling in 2014 when her husband Robb bought her a road bike and talked her into trying it out. After realizing that group cycling was pretty challenging, demanding and a little scary, Susan stopped swearing at Robb long enough to agree that she really enjoyed it. Susan has enjoyed becoming a member of such a dynamic and fun riding group and looks forward to the start of the outdoor cycling season so she can get off her trainer and move forward on 2 wheels.


All Saturday group rides start from D’Ornellas Bike Shop at Lawrence and Pharmacy.
You must be a registered club member before you can join any D’Ornellas Cycling Club group rides.
So, if you haven’t joined or renewed, now is the time to do so!


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